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Code of conduct...

Solicitors firm in SOPS will

  • Act with honesty and integrity at all times
  • Act only in the best interests of older clients
  • Be caring and sensitive towards older people and vulnerable clients of any age
  • Be courteous and responsive to all individuals and institutions
  • Remain up to date with legal issues affecting older clients and vulnerable clients of any age
  • Act only within their level of expertise
  • Obtain legal aid for clients whenever possible
  • Where legal aid is not available charge reasonably and transparently, and seek to minimise clients’ costs at all times
  • Make home, hospital or care home visits at no extra charge to clients
  • Allow clients the assistance of a trusted friend, relative or advocate if wished at meetings
  • Communicate regularly and clearly with clients
  • Take account of, and seek to overcome, visual or hearing difficulties in communicating with clients
  • Communicate in plain English
  • Where specialist expert advice is required obtain this for clients
  • Where requested, update family members about work completed at no charge

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